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For the services of a day, seven days a week, you can speak with the operator as soon as 24 hours.
Even when the trouble, just in case it is a high sense of security bookmaker can expect instantaneous response.



San Jose, Costa Rica


Sport of target
Football, basketball, baseball, hockey, golf, motor sports, soccer, tennis, martial arts boxing /, horse racing, cricket, snooker, darts, rugby, football, wrestling, ice hockey, hot dog eating contest and many others ...

Online casino
Blackjack, table games, slots, video poker and many others ...

5Dimes Casino & Sportsbook series in the company of the group, 24 hours a day, seven days a week service.

The number of events that you can participate in small, high odds will appear, as a sub-bookmaker, I should be registered.

It takes about 15 $ a fee withdrawal, there is an advantage that can quickly withdraw that amount.

I recommend that you withdraw a certain amount of money together.

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