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What's Neteller?

Maybe there are many people who have never heard the name of a clearing agency that Neteller.


To participate in online casinos and bookmakers, making use of the online payment service that Neteller. I think Neteller site because it also supports Japanese, Even if you use the first time, without feeling relatively resistant, and available?


Neteller itself, I think there is no problem because it is thought to have been approved in the settlement agency (FSA) of the UK Financial Services Authority, the financial institutions with credit. In addition, we think the annual transaction amount Neteller, so also extends to several billion U.S. dollars, and how can we be safe from its size.


In the world's largest independent online payment service, which was founded in 1999, has a proven track record already available in more than 180 countries, Neteller are having several million users in the human scale.


Has been used games and big sites, shopping sites and payment, remittance between individuals around the world. If you know so you can even e-mail address of the person to send money 24 hours a day, but not limited to online casinos and bookmakers, with remittances between individuals, the wider the range of use.


Some people fear that the only online, by the application of the Net + Prepaid MasterCards R, so you can use the funds immediately ATM Master Card or dealer around the world, online, it is safe.


You need to open an account "NETELLER eWallet" as well in order to take advantage of all of these services.

Neteller features

Neteller has began to be utilized in the world, because there was a characteristic of some services. I think if you read here, and I can feel the dreadfulness of Neteller you also.


That it is said to be excellent company!
Is a super blue-chip companies that are publicly traded on the (AIM) London Stock Exchange "(UK) NETELLER Limited" Company. Is authorized by the UK Financial Services Authority (Financial Services Authority), has been operating under its control.


Where I'm multi-lingual!
You can switch the display language on the site, you will be able to display in the language of your country. Some people have a sense of resistance to English, you can easily register if Neteller friendly.


You can send money from the banks of various countries!
Even though online system overseas, just transferred to the designated bank account, it will be reflected in the Neteller account. If you pay a fee of 1%, if it is within the business hours of the bank, if you are in a hurry, and it is reflected in about an hour. If you do not want to pay the fee, I will continue to be reflected in sequence will take 3-7 days or so.


※ If you do not make a mistake even how the proceedings, in the case of payment by credit card are reflected immediately, when in a hurry, we recommend the use of credit cards.

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