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What's Skrill(moneybookers)?

I might be the first time many people who knew Skrill. Previously, it was called moneybookers, was acquired in 2011, was renamed to Skrill.


Please think of financial institutions with online payment function can be used like Neteller same.


Also Skrill, I think there is no problem because it is thought to have been approved in the settlement agency (FSA) Financial Services Authority of the United Kingdom, and the financial institutions with credit. Established in the UK in 2001, there is a headquarters in London, Moneybookers Limited is the predecessor of skrill is recognized as one of the largest online funds transfer company in the European market.


Accounts of Skrill There are more than 4 million accounts worldwide, we offer a very fast service to send and receive money around the clock Fri.


By paying 10 euros a year, you will be able to use a Prepaid MasterCard R. I will be very user-friendly card 96% of people who have actually used is recommended. If you pay a fee of ? 1.8, you can withdraw cash from the ATM in the world.


I think you can start relatively easy to use.


You need to open an account "Skrill" as well in order to take advantage of all of these services.

Skrill(moneybookers) features

Also to recommend Skrill, because there is a characteristic of some services. I think if you read here, and I can feel the dreadfulness of Skrill you also.


It can be registered (domestic and international) multiple bank accounts!

One of the features of Skrill, there is a point that can be registered as the destination-deposit withdrawal (regardless of domestic or foreign) multiple bank accounts. You will be able to register a business trip of banks and bank homestays children, for example, carried out on-line remittances.


Where fast transfer of funds between members!
If between Skrill, speedy exchange of money - completed. For this reason many people have been used as business use, payment can be made with confidence.


Where multi-currency!

From more than 200 countries, with Skrill account, you will be able to receive payment in the currency of more than 40. Being able to pay that is tailored to the opponent.


Where I have received a lot of awards!

Age through Moneybookers, Skrill has been recognized in the form of a number of awards that corporate value.
Etc. 2011, iGB Affiliate Awards 2011 The Card & Payments Awards 2012, Media Momentum Awards 2011, Red Herring 100 Europe Award 2011, FST Employee's Choice Award, because it is awarded every year, it is that can be utilized with confidence that much.

registration ofSkrill Click here for a special formPlease use


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