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Father's dream came true 10 years ago!

Speaking of bookmakers, what you will put on the results, such as a baseball game or a soccer game?
It may be there are more being understood, there was a little interesting news.


Dream of my father? Bet you thought it was over 10 years for a child's dream is clogged.
And parent-child dream came true that's impressive is that on September 26, 2012.


It was a dream or what?
It is what children, was "the Son of Man U to play in the future," that at the age of nine.
Great dad!


Then, a dream come true, in the third round of the League Cup England Newcastle,
Understand the late 32, I'm his son played a regular-season debut at Man U.


The player's name, MF Ryan Tunnicliffe of Manchester U (19)
Mr. Mick Father, (\ 126 million) has been paid £ 10,000 in prize money.


100 pounds of the original premium is (about 12 600 yen).
It is also amazing son that really was my best so far, wonderful father to be applied to the dream.


Mr. Mick's father has bet the same amount to "play in the representative (England) future",
Here that the dividend will be 35,000 pounds to (\ 442 million).


William Hill accepted the bet, Inc. ,
I made a statement that "we would go watch carefully the growth of Ryan."


According to the company, the father of a former England national GK Chris Kirkland in the past
Invested 100 pounds, "son to play in representative by age 30", won the £ 10 000
That sometimes.


Early, this is not it is not a hobby or pastime anymore nay father.
You may have forgotten himself it would be 10 years ago, that there is such a mechanism, the
There is no sense in Japanese, it is very interesting.


Everyone, I try to put your child dream of becoming a national player?

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