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Williamhill pay biggest money!

She play Vegas' in william hill.
Get a Jackpot... £720,162.30....


She used to only £3.20....
But get a biggest money in England!


William Hill spokesman Rupert Adam said:
'We are delighted to have made Sue the most successful female punter of all time.


'It's a fantastic win and a record for a woman in the British gambling industry
- it's a staggering sum from a £3.20 spin.



You play Williamhill

Apple also participated in the real money gambling

I approved the gambling for real money is one of the companies that offer popular games of the iphone Apple "Big Fish Games, Inc.".



It is followed by face book the other day, it was judged that influence the acquisition of real money has on the management of the future also still high.



Revenue of Big Fish, has reached $ 180 million in 2011, it is thought in 2017, to grow up to $ 100 billion.



Is not it is that it is not the hand that does not miss a large market so.
I think that it was going under water is, and it's a sign of hope for the future.



Big Fish Company has set a real money mobile casino initiative in 2013.



From a PC to the phone, the flow I also appear in a place like this.
In order not to miss, collecting information early is important.

Starting casino in Cyprus?

Anastasia disk president of Cyprus that caused the deposit blockade turmoil, seems to Cabinet introduced a bill that aims to ban casino.



Reason ‥ casino can be
This is because we want to recover is very simple, a quick buck.



Without really understanding why such people from Cyprus, it is of course from abroad.
Because it is used as a tax haven for wealthy Russian, structure the money itself is flowing is finished.



It is all right if and fine hotels, a nice casino afterward.
I think that someone thinks so.



‥ or it, or did not think only about it.
Whatever the case may be, what to be flowing into the domestic foreign currency?



I do not speak your eye from the trend of Cyprus in the future.
Casino is expanding in Asia.



Then you may be such that the environment surrounding the casino that much good.

Poker fever in Italy great!

I think when the online casino refers to a thriving country, and not in the top name in Italy.


Thing that has been proven in the statistics of H2 is an expert in leading online casino.


In order from previously been legally recognized tournament poker, I've been able popularity of poker is very high, to earn money there only in Italy.


However, the flow of the future is about to change significantly.
Its popularity has been changed to be online casino.


As a result, it can become number one online casino in Europe (poker) is high is assumed.


From a real casino, you do not have even so to stop the flow to the simple online casino in the world.


Why not? Because it is how cash enters the hand easily.
That's all there is to it really.

Macau's next powerhouse in the Philippines Casino?

Philippines Casino is hot!  It's Macau casino in Asia?



In 2018, there is a casino in the Philippines that the size of the assets exceed $ 5.6 billion.
Have greatly exceeded expectations in Singapore, the largest casino in the nation ASEAN.



That the high growth of 28% followed by an annual average, are close to 100 million people population, working population that is increasing every year, seems to underpin.



It helps the construction of the casino has not been scheduled in addition to the Philippines in 2015, ASEAN countries, the Philippines has become the nation casino.



From the Philippines, in the more than $ 10 billion in 2017? There is also estimated that.
Pattern of people that do not have savings to contribute to the development of the casino.

Facebook also consider online casino!

The fact that the company has partnered with independent game Did you know, that Facebook Gamesys ....



Is this what do you refer?
I like that there is an attempt to provide a prospectus to play bingo for real money.



In the case of the United States, there are restrictions on gambling and online casinos, but not easy to go, there is no such regulation such as the UK and Germany.



Nevada and New Jersey are advancing the discussion in the direction of legalizing online casinos.



Perhaps, Facebook is said rather than the 10 billion dollar company, I may become a company ... 10 billion mark.



Has the potential to grow into a pillar of income of that magnitude.
So you can be able to offer real money bingo In fact, 30 percent of its revenue in hand, you are able to enjoy the full benefits of each other? I have considered.



You can finally play, is like talking about next year, so you should bear only the information collected is likely to be good as soon as possible.

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