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I know how to play real casino games

You learn from a professional dealer how to play and rules of the casino game .


Of the players who visit the casino , I do not know how to play real casino games more than 99% .
By Therefore , it would believe the capture method and theory of urban legend level with no meaning , that the people who would be a great loss is often seen .


Following is a look at the table games baccarat , roulette , blackjack , and poker and have them learn how to get wearing the correct play and game rules , continue to enjoy the online casino for a long period of time .


Simply because it is professional dealers who are thoroughly familiar with the capture method of all about the table games , there is a truth to be taught .


In addition , only to consult a professional dealer us when there is a question of ? " Do you have to effect this capture method " Let's say to or can unravel the mystery of all would also be the site unique .

I know the position of casino dealer side

I master the casino learn the position of the dealer side, which separates the place of the game.
In fact, rather than the dealer side of the human side of the casino, is the human side of the player.
This is because, most of the income of the dealer, because it is a thing that is made up by the chip from the player.
Actually the dealer's can not be helped because I wanted to continue to win the player.


(Depending on the country part, because there is a place that is doing (cheating) junk, not a common country. Situation of the country also parsed. All)


By understanding learn well, the position and thinking of dealer side, should become to be able to win the table games at the casino.

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